SDCC 2010

Comic Con: Preview Night

Preview night at SDCC kicked off with some uber cool displays to promote Tron Legacy, including the lightcycle. Other droolsome displays included the set for the throne room from Thor and, from the upcoming Green Hornet movie, Black Beauty. Guests got to glimpse the first teaser trailer for Ryan Reynolds new movie, Buried as well as witness the kickoff of a massive viral campaign for Battle: Los Angeles.

Comic Con: Day One

The biggest event of the day went to Disney’s panel for Tron: Legacy. Stars including Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Sheen and writer/director Steven Lisberger were on hand and guests got to see eight minutes of footage from the upcoming movie. Another major panel for geek fans everywhere was the Visionaries panel featuring both Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams. It was at this panel that Whedon made his official announcement that he would indeed be directing the upcoming Avengers movie. The Scott Pilgrim panel got fans pretty excited when Simon Pegg and Nick Frost joined the stage. Sadly, no, they won’t be in the movie. Other panels going on today included a panel for Angelina Jolie’s new movie, Salt and a panel for Battle: Lost Angeles. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day came when Guillermo Del Toro made an appearance at the Disney panel to announce that his next movie would be a live-action, 3D version of The Haunted Mansion. CORRECTION Appanretly Del Toro will be writing and producing the movie but NOT directing it as previously reported.

Comic Con: Day Two

Major panels for Day 2 at Comic Con included the panel for Super. Writer/director James Gunn was on hand to discuss the movie, as was the movie's stars, Rainn Wilson and Liv Tyler. The Sony panel showed off several movies, although the main event for that panel was undoubtedly The Green Hornet. Star Seth Rogen was on hand to introduce a brand new trailer for the upcoming movie. Other major movie panels today included Don't be Afraid of the Dark and Skyline, a low-budget sci-fi thriller set to be released in November. Big news at the con included a casting announcement for The Avengers. Joss Whedon confirmed that he has cast Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. Rumours also abounded at SDCC that Nathan Fillion will play Ant-Man, IGP can confirm that this is most definitely not true.

Comic Con : Day Three

Perhaps the biggest news of the day at SDCC was the alleged stabbing in Hall H that had the police called, and led to a lot of panel delays. Despite what you might hear otherwise on Twitter, the stabbing was actually a scratch on the eye after two friends had some sort of scuffle in the hall, 'nuff said there! The other BIG event of the day was when Joss Whedon and the entire cast line up for The Avengers took the stage. Keep an eye out for pictures of that floating around the inter-web. In the Warner Bros. Green Lantern panel, fans were treated to some footage from the upcoming movie. Meanwhile, Jon Favreau had fans packing the auditorium for his panel for the upcoming movie Cowboys and Aliens. Cast members were also on hand, including Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. This would be Ford's first ever appearance at comic con. Other panels going on today included a panel for V, in which producers strongly hinted that a character named Diana would play Anna's mother- no confirmation on whether that would mean Jane Badler would be portraying the role. SyFy also had panels for their shows, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary and Eureka. Meanwhile, the successful webseries The Guild had a packed auditorium where they made several announcement about the upcoming fourth season, including introducing a new Bollywood-influenced Guild music video.

Comic Con: Day Four

On the final day of SDCC there were panels for such shows as Smallville (which will be the show's final visit to Comic Con) and Glee (why is this show at Comic Con?). At the Glee panel, producers announced plans to do a Rocky Horror episode. Meanwhile, at the Stargate Universe panel fans were treated to a trailer for the series' upcoming second season. The big reveal at the con today came when Marvel brought out the prop for the Infinity Gauntlet which has left fans speculating as to what Thor will actually be about. Captain America's shield was the another drool-worthy prop that Marvel brought out. In addition, a Captain America teaser trailer was screened for fans. Gaming fans got a treat when Bioware revealed 5 minutes of demo for Dragon Age II. The tentative release date for it will be the first quartre of 2011. Of course, as gaming fans know, there are almost always delays. And so wraps up another year at SDCC. Will the convention stay in San Diego is anyone's guess. What isn't a guess is that the convention will be even bigger next year.

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