Andy Hallett: Itís Not Easy Being Green

Lorne Andy Hallett

Angel, Joss Whedonís Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off was always intended to have a slightly darker tone than Buffy. The world of Angel was more morally ambiguous than in Sunnydale. This is why the mean, green singing machine that was Lorne AKA Krevlornswath, a lounge singing empath demon, was always such a delight.

Itís hard to believe that the role of Lorne was Hallettís first real acting job. Growing up in Massachusetts Hallett always wanted to sing but was too shy to consider seriously pursuing it until he was invited on stage by Patti LaBelle to perform ďLady MarmaladeĒ with her. This experience led him to pursue singing and he moved to Los Angeles where he worked in a variety of jobs as a runner for a talent agency and as a personal assistant before being spotted by Joss Whedon at a karaoke bar. Whedon invited him to audition for the role of Lorne.

Hallett portrayed Lorne in 76 episodes of Angel and sang in 6 of them. He also contributed to the showís soundtrack Angel: Live Fast, Die Never. Sadly, after Angelís cancellation in 2004 the actor battled heart disease and was never able to pursue other roles except for a voiceover role as the Cricket in Gepettoís Secret. He did however make time for the fan community and was a regular at conventions.

Andy Hallett passed away March 29th 2009. Andy Hallett, as Lorne, was one of my favourite things about Angel and Iím truly gutted to hear that someone so talented could die so young.

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