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Top Ten Buffy Villains

Buffy Vampire Slayer cast

This was a hard list to put together, trying to narrow down the top ten Buffy villains, but here it is. For this list, we've favoured those that could hurt Buffy the most (as you'll notice, it's usually those closest to her) or have actually done some damage to her or the Scooby gang.

10. The Trio

Okay, so as far as criminal masterminds, The Trio falls short, after all who can forget the not-so-inconspicuous Star Wars car horn? However, they are definitely among the most entertaining of the Buffy villains. And let’s face it, Warren killed Tara and almost killed Buffy, which most certainly makes them deadly!

9. The Gentlemen

the gentlemen buffy vampire slayer

While only appearing in just the one episode, Hush, it may seem odd to have The Gentlemen on this list, but their unique creepiness is amped up by the fact that you can’t even cry out for help when they’re after you, making them pretty unforgettable.

8. The Judge

No weapon forged could kill The Judge; it took an army to bring this demon down, and even after that, his remains were scattered in the four corners of the Earth to prevent his return. But return he does, with Angelus’ help, to literally burn the humanity out of a person. That is, until Buffy fires a rocket launcher at him.

7. The Master

Buffy The Master

The first of Sunnydale’s “Big Bads”, the Master is 600 years old and has powers unlike other vampires. But most significant is the fact that The Master not only drinks from Buffy but actually succeeds in killing her, the first time.

6. The Mayor

Mayor Richard Wilkins was a curious Buffy villain in that he could sometimes actually be a nice guy. He genuinely seemed to care for Faith, had a penchant for golf and a distaste for germs. Shame about wanting to sacrifice Sunnydale High in order to become a giant snake!

5. Glory

After all the demons that Buffy had fought, what could possibly top them? A Goddess, of course! While Glory’s character wasn’t necessarily as popular as previous “Big Bads” in the series, being responsible for the death of Buffy most certainly earns her a spot on this list.

4. Caleb

Caleb Buffy Vampire Slayer

Even before his body became a vessel for the non-corporeal First Evil, Caleb was a former priest and, oh yes, a psychopathic, misogynistic serial killer. As the First Evil’s sidekick however, he does the most damage, including being responsible for destroying the Watcher’s Council, and taking out one of Xander’s eyes. And given the fact that Buffy was only able to defeat him by using the scythe, makes him one of Buffy’s most formidable opponents and a top ten Buffy villain.

3. Faith

It seems that we’ve reserved the top three spots for friends that have turned evil. After all what hurts Buffy and the viewers more than to have a friend turn on you? First we have Faith, the anti-Buffy. Where Buffy has her family and friends to guide her conscience, Faith is a loner who has only her abilities as a slayer and her wits to rely on. This leads her to make some truly bad decisions. It is this link as Buffy’s dark reflection that makes her such an interesting Buffy villain. To see her slowly go from a girl who shirks her slayer responsibilities to becoming a killer, who eventually finds redemption certainly makes for some entertaining TV. Plus, she stole Buffy’s body!

2. Dark Willow

Following the heinous murder of her lover, Willow - a character that had already grown from shy computer geek to super-witch over the previous six years - succumbs to the dark side. Filled with vengeance, Willow grows dark roots and flays Warren alive, before attempting to destroy the world. And not even Buffy was able to stop her. Instead it was left to her childhood best friend, Xander, who refused to leave her side.

1. Angelus

Angelus Buffy Vampire Slayer

Of all the Buffy villains to crop up none could be quite as deadly as Angelus. Certainly while watching season two, no one could see Angel becoming the season’s Big Bad - least of all, Buffy. But Big Bad he becomes after they make love for the first and only time causing Angel to lose his soul and becomes Angelus. What’s worse is that Angelus has enough memories of his time with the slayer in order to develop a murderous desire to destroy Buffy and all that she loves. Meanwhile, our slayer is left reeling and heartbroken, unable to come to terms with what she has done. That is, until the season finale when she is forced to kill Angel, to save the world, even as his soul has been restored.

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