San Diego Comic Con 2009

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Comic-Con: Preview Night

Preview night began with Warner Bros. screening footage from upcoming television shows V and Human Target. Down below, hundreds of exhibitors set up for the convention's 40th anniversary. Big exhbits this year include the Sideshow exhibit as well as the Marvel exhibit which features various lifesize Iron Man suits.

Comic-Con: Day One

Today fans packed in to see presentations of the upcoming Robert Zemeckis 3D A Christmas Carol project as well as a first look at Tim Burton’s much anticipated Alice in Wonderland which along with some fantastic footage was rounded up with a surprise appearance by the Mad Hatter himself, Johnny Depp. Disney’s sequel to the eighties classic Tron, titled Tron Legacy was also presented to fans and featured concept images from the upcoming film.

One of the most highly anticipated presentations was of James Cameron’s upcoming 3D feature Avatar. After showing 25 minutes of footage and taking a few questions, the announcement was made that on August 21st the makers would be using 3D IMAX theatres and also regular cinemas everywhere to show 15 minutes of Avatar footage for free in what‘s being dubbed “Avatar Day.”

The other major presentation of the day was for Twilight: New Moon which featured a panel with stars from the movie as well as the director, Chris Weitz.

Comic-Con: Day Two

Day two of comic con has proved to be every bit as exciting as day one. Today was of course Star Wars Day at the Con, which meant that there were several Star Wars events throughout the day.

Fans of Farscape will be excited at news coming from Rockne S. O’Bannon, at the Farscape panel, that he will be working on a Farscape comic, which will tie into upcoming webisodes. Meanwhile fans of The Guild piled in to see a panel with Felicia Day and company and to get a sneak peak of the coming third season. Stargate fans got to see a trailer for the upcoming Stargate: Universe show at that panel followed by a BSG: The Plan/Caprica panel.

Peter Jackson fans queued up to get a first look at District 9 the new science fiction movie directed by Neil Blomkamp whilst Dollhouse fans queued to see the unaired episode of Dollhouse “Epitaph One.”

Other major presentations included The Box, the new feature from director Richard Kelly; The Nightmare on Elm Street panel aired a trailer for the new movie. The panel was attended by new Freddy actor Jackie Earle Haley and The Book of Eli panel got sidetracked when a fan asked actor Gary Oldman when the next Batman movie would start shooting, which, according to Oldman is reportedly set to go into production in 2010.

Comic-Con: Day Three

News from the Marvel Super Hero Squad panel has it that Spongebob Tom Kenny will be voicing Iron Man, Captain America and MODOK. Guest voices will include Stan Lee, Shawn Ashmore, LeVar Burton, Robert Englund, Tricia Helfer, Kevin Sorbo, Michelle Trachtenberg and many others.

The cast of Chuck was out in force to thank the fans for their support and the season two DVD was announced to be released in 2010, prior to the airing of Chuck’s third season.

Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were on hand for Lost’s final comic con panel, as were a number of the cast with promises that a number of questions will finally be answered this season.

Meanwhile, news has leaked out on the net that a rep from BBC America has confirmed at the convention that the BBC has indeed renewed Torchwood for a fourth series.

A number of screenings went on today, including the V and Vampire Diaries pilot screenings as well as a look at ABC’s new show, Flash Forward.

Of course, the Iron Man presentation was where it was at today with Jon Favreau and much of the cast on hand to answer questions and present scenes from the movie, which comes out in May 2010.

Comic-Con: Day Four

The most anticipated panel on Comic Con's last day was for Doctor Who, which featured Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner, and, of course, the much loved David Tennant. The presentation gave fans a look at the trailer for upcoming Christmas special, “The End of Time.” However, some fans may have been disappointed by Julie Gardner’s announcement that the much-anticipated Doctor Who movie announcement would not be made, since there is no movie.

BBC America had another presentation featuring both the cast from Being Human and a Torchwood presentation that featured John Barrowman. Barrowman informed fans that he would love to play Captain America, and that sadly, no, there would not be a Torchwood Musical episode.

Other presentations today included a Smallville presentation with cast and crew from the series, and featuring exclusive sneak peaks at the series’ upcoming ninth season.

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