Doctor Who Episode Round Up Part 2

Donna Noble

Episode 4.8 Silence in the Library 7.0

First Aired: 31st May 2008

Whilst visiting the biggest library in the universe, which is now derelict, Donna and the Doctor find themselves in trouble as something in the shadows comes after them. When an archaeological team comes to survey the library, the Doctor finds himself in the unique position of meeting someone that’s a part of his future.

Best Bit: When Doctor Moon reveals to the girl that in fact, her world is a lie, and the library is real. We just knew there was something more to this doctor!

Best Line: Doctor: These books are from your future. You wanna read all ahead, spoil the surprises, not peeking at the end. Donna: Isn’t traveling with you one big spoiler? Doctor: I try to keep you away from major plot developments.


An overall decent episode, though not nearly on the same level as, say, Blink. Unfortunately, what it mostly suffered from is the dreaded two parters which for the most part, do not need to be this drawn out. Additionally, it seemed bizarre, that the Doctor just didn’t seem to get that River Song was obviously someone special from his future. Perhaps he’s just too used to being on his own?

Episode 4.9 Forest of the Dead 7.5

First Aired: 7th June 2008

Continuing from the previous episode, the Doctor has to find some way to fight the shadows while trying to figure out just who exactly River Song is.

Best Bit: Donna’s whole little computer program life. It was at times funny and sad and Catherine Tate did an amazing job.

Best Line: Donna: I made up the perfect man. Gorgeous, adores me and hardly able to speak a word. What does that say about me?


Still not really a fan of the two parter episodes, and even this one felt overly drawn out. Having said that, there was some nice bits with Donna and her make believe family (how sad was it that she was never able to make contact with her ‘husband’?!) and of course the story of River Song. One hopes that we’ll be seeing more of her! Also have to hand it to Steven Moffat- now he’s managed to make books seem creepy!

Episode 4.10 Midnight 8.0

First Aired: 14th June 2008

While visiting a luxury vacation planet, the Doctor finds himself in danger once more, this time while being decidedly companion-less.

Best Bit: When the other passengers turn on the Doctor. That just never happens to the Doctor, and for a moment there, it really looks as though he is in trouble.

Best Line: Doctor/Silvestry: Oh Doctor, you’re so handsome. Yes, I am, thank you.


Brilliant episode. It definitely exceeds expectations. It starts off as a nice fluffy episode, and then takes a turn of The Exorcist. It’s most interesting to see the Doctor in trouble and have nobody listen to him. That’s not a situation that happens very often to him and he has no one, not even Donna there, to help him!

Episode 4.11 Turn Left 8.5

First Aired: 21st June 2008

Donna has her fortune read, only to find herself experiencing what would have happened if Donna had never met the Doctor.

Best Bit: The stars going out. After everything that had happened, the south of England having to be evacuated, this was just the penultimate, and just proves how much we need the Doctor.

Best Line: Donna: Can you get rid of it? Rose: No, I can’t even touch it. It seems to be in a state of flux. Donna: What does that mean? Rose: Dunno. Sort of thing the Doctor would say.


Congratulations RTD for another brilliant episode. And boy they’ve certainly put Donna through the ringer, far more than any other companion, that’s for sure. First there was her whole alternate reality via the library and now this! Catherine Tate does an amazing job. Anybody who thought she was pretty much going to be doing the same thing she does on her sketch shows, is seriously mistaken. Sure it felt a bit convenient to have Rose there to guide Donna, but perhaps we’ll learn more of what Rose has been up to in later episodes.

Episode 4.12 Stolen Earth 9.0

First aired: 28th June 2008

The Earth has disappeared into the Medusa Cascade. The Doctor has to not only try and save the Earth but try and find it, and find out who has caused this.

Best Bit: Without a doubt, the best bit is the mysterious transmission that is coming through from the aliens that have abducted the Earth. As the transmission clears up, Whovians everywhere felt chills going through them.

Best Line: Rose: Have you got a webcam? Wilf: No. She wouldn’t let me. She said they’re naughty.


This episode just gives me chills. So much was packed into this episode, with Martha, Rose, Torchwood and Sarah-Jane joining in the fun, it could’ve been glorified cameos, and yet they all helped to move the story forward. Loved the conversation via webcam, with poor old Rose, left out in the cold. Her reaction to seeing Martha was brilliant, as was Donna’s reaction to Captain Jack and Ianto and Gwen’s reaction to seeing the Doctor. I’ve said before that the Who two parters often dragged. This one, it has to be said, decidedly does not drag. Perhaps it was just nice to see all the different Who spin-off’s and companions in one episode; maybe it was the multiple punches RTD delivers with revelations as to who is behind the Earth’s disappearance and the spectacular ending. Certainly, there were a few out of character moments: Captain Jack’s reaction seemed a little over the top. He’s faced some pretty bad things in his time. Also leaving Ianto and Gwen to fend for themselves seemed a bit odd. He couldn’t have gotten them to safety first? Particularly after recently losing Tosh and Owen! Even so, this was one two parter that had me at the edge of my seat the whole time.

Episode 4.13 Journey’s End 9.0

First Aired: 5th July 2008

With the Earth stuck in the Medusa Cascade and the Doctor confronted by his greatest enemy, can the Doctor save the universe, again?

Best Bit:

Too many to name; loved the connection that they made between Gwen Cooper and Gwyneth, both played by Eve Myles. Too bad Tosh isn’t in Torchwood anymore, or they could have played with that one, too! Also loved Catherine Tate and David Tenant doing impressions of each other. Absolutely brilliant. Will truly miss this particular Doctor/Companion pairing.

Best Line:

Donna: Well don’t just stand there, you skinny boys in suits. Get to work!


Only Doctor Who can get away with some of the things they get away with! Any other television show that had that many gleeful cameos, not to mention the whole moving the Earth bit, would be laughed off of television, but Doctor Who does it in such great abundance. So glad to see K9. He was definitely missed. And can’t wait to see Torchwood, to see if Mickey joins Torchwood, as they do happen to need some people on their team just now. The misses? Well, there could have been more of a point to Rose’s mum being there. It’s always fun to see her, but she didn’t necessarily drive the story forward very much, aside from obviously saving Sarah Jane. Rose seemed to not have very much to do this episode, which is good, because it’s really Donna’s story, not Rose’s, and yet, she’s crossed so many realities just to get there, it felt almost underwhelming. But it was nice to see her get a happy ending, albeit, the closest thing to a happy ending that Rose Tyler will probably ever get. Also, I can accept that in the Who universe, they can move the Earth back to usual space, but what I do have a hard time believing is that Jack wouldn’t try to come on to Donna. He’s not usually that picky! But as I said, this was Donna’s story, and what a tragic story it is, indeed. After all that she has done, and the woman that she has become, and lets face it, even before she got a bit of Time Lord inside her brain, she had lived quite a few lifetimes and changed quite a bit, to lose everything. Sure, she’ll never know what she had, but it’s tragic nonetheless. I have to say, as skeptical as I was about Donna becoming a regular, she’s going to be a companion that’s very hard to top! Speaking of hard to top, love Steven Moffat’s writing as I do, this leaves me very much saddened to no longer have RTD at the helm.

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