Dollhouse: 7 Reasons Why I Canít Wait for Friday Night

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What can I say about Dollhouse that hasn't been said already? Not a lot really. This is one of the most hyped shows right now. So I figure why not just share my reasons why I'm looking forward to it.

1. Joss Whedon created it. Anybody who reads this site knows that Iím a massive Whedon fan. Iíve loved pretty much every show heís worked on, and as much as I loved Doctor Horrible, itís going to be fantastic having a Joss Whedon show back on our screens on a regular basis (assuming Fox doesnít royally screw things up).

2. Itís got some great actors involved in it. Iím of course psyched that Eliza Dushku is involved. She really kicked things up a notch in season 3 of Buffy and itíd be nice to see her doing some quality material again. But amongst the Dollhouse cast is BSGís Tahmoh Penikett. Amy Acker and even Mark Sheppard will be making appearances. And with Joss Whedon, you know weíll get to see some more familiar faces.

3. Itís got some excellent Buffy alum on the writing team. Amongst the writers Iím excited to hear from again are Tim Minear and Jane Espenson, although I donít know how much sheíll be doing since sheís showrunner for Caprica.

4. Thereíll be fewer commercials. Now of course, I usually just fast forward through commercials anyway, but Dollhouse, like Fringe, will be part of Foxís Remote Free TV program which means few, and shorter advertising.

5. I can watch a genre show Iíll probably enjoy. Okay, let me elaborate here. Basically, the three genre shows Iím following right now are Heroes, Lost and BSG. Two of them rely on dragging out plot points and stringing along viewers while the other has yet to prove itself after a debacle of a second season. Joss Whedon has never manipulated his audience the way the creators of Lost and BSG have, and as for Heroesí floundering, you only have to watch season 5 of Angel to realize that his shows just get better and better.

6. Even if it gets cancelled (and I know a lot of people are concerned about that) weíll at least get to see what happened via comics. Thereís a lot of shows out there I wish hadnít been cancelled like Veronica Mars or Wonderfalls, where we donít get to find out what happens next. But Joss Whedon is so heavily involved in comics that you know weíll still get to find out what Echoís up to.

7. I canít wait to see a kickass Dollhouse movie. Letís see, itís made by Fox, the pilotís been re-shot and itís on a Friday nightÖ If history continues to repeat itself, we should see a truly excellent movie (perhaps titled Echo?) in three years or so.

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