Dr Who: End of Time Part One Review (B-)

Doctor Who End of Time

Christmas Day has come and gone which also means that itís time for another Dr Who Christmas special. This one is particularly notable as itís a two part episode (the sequel airing on New Years Day) which marks the beginning of the end of David Tennantís run as the tenth Doctor.

Summoned by the Ood, the Doctor learns that the Master, who, if youíll remember, not only died, but the Doctor lit a funeral pyre for him, has at that moment been resurrected on Earth. And so he has, looking much the same way as he did when he died, i.e., being played by John Simm, but seeming even more crazy than before.

Heís also acquired some new powers, which was probably one of the parts when the episode was a little bit of a letdown. Flashing between John Simm and a "Skeletor" face, not to mention doing giant leaps in the air took the episode into more camp territory. This is particularly disappointing given the beautiful FX for scenes such as the Ood homeworld and shots of the moon and Earth at the beginning of the episode.

The Doctor of course, must return to Earth to try and stop the Master. Naturally, for a Christmas episode it is Christmas Day yet again on Earth when he returns. Except the denizens of Earth arenít sleeping too good. And Wilf, played by the ever brilliant Bernard Cribbins, believes the Doctor can help. Putting together a geriatric crack team, he manages to find the Doctor.

Which is a good thing too, because in addition to the Master, other forces are at work. In particular a millionaire who has stolen Torchwood technology which heís hoping will make his daughter immortal. He abducts the Master in order to get the Master to fix the technology, but this is the Master here, and of course, he is only allowing himself to be held prisoner so that he can change the technology, and thus turn every single person on Earth (except Wilf, who is protected by a radiation shield, courtesy of the Doctor) into another Master.

Ah yes, but did we forget to mention that in addition to Wilf, one other human has also managed to not turn into the Master? You guessed it, Donna, despite the fact that she still doesnít remember the Doctor, is still herself, and she and Wilf will no doubt play an integral part in the second episode. I must admit to not being too crazy about the whole multiple Master idea, but those last few minutes, with the brief appearance of Timothy Dalton as a Time Lord, promises that the next Dr Who episode is not to be missed!

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