2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to get those scifi loving friends and family members for Christmas? Whether your loved one is a Star Wars fan or even a Twilight fan you'll find the hottest toys and collectibles right here!

Cylon Toaster LED

For the BSG fan:

BSG LED Cylon Toaster
Just when you thought it was safe to eat toast again.... the Battlestar Galactica franchise has struck again! My biggest problem with the other version of the Cylon toaster was that the toaster wasn't shaped like a Cylon head. While this hasn't been entirely rectified they did make an interesting change that you're sure to love: An LED light that moves from side to side! I should also add that while this toaster still burns an image of a Cylon on your bread, it also burns the words “frak off” on the other side.

LEGO Star Wars Tauntaun

For the Star Wars Fan:

Lego Star Wars
Would you believe that LEGO Star Wars has been around for ten years? To celebrate that fact, LEGO have released a slew of new Star Wars toys. Some of my favorites include the Battle of Endor kit which has over 800 pieces including an imperial bunker; a catapult that fires; speeder bikes and even an AT-ST Walker which is indeed capable of walking. If you're more of an Empire fan, consider getting the Echo Base LEGO kit. At 150 pieces, this is a much smaller kit. It includes a LEGO tauntaun (with Han Solo riding it). There are also snow troopers and an anti-infantry laser battery. Another great kit from the original trilogy is Darth Vader's TIE fighter, although I must admit that the Dark Lord of the Sith just doesn't look that intimidating in LEGO. If your tastes run more towards the Clone Wars, be sure to check out the Venator-class Republic attack cruiser used by Palpatine. It's a massive kit featuring over 1100 pieces. The front hood opens to reveal Palpatine's quarters and if you lift up the rear wings you'll find a clone trooper gunner hidden away.

Barbie Twilight Bella Edward

For the Tweens that Love Twilight:

Barbie Bella and Edward
Now Stephanie Meyer must truly know she's made it because Mattel have actually created a Barbie Bella and Edward set. Do you know how long it took for the Star Trek Barbie and Ken set to appear?! The likenesses look about as close you would expect for a Barbie doll although Edward does have that pale look down. Twilight fans can either get the separate dolls for $25 each or the collectors edition in which Edward's skin dazzles!

Avatar Gunship

For the James Cameron Fan:

Avatar Toys
You know that your James Cameron fan will be after some Avatar toys once they've seen the movie, so why not make that your Christmas present? Mattel has released a whole range of Avatar toys from the ultra cool RDA Scorpion Gunship to the RDA combat Amp suit. Then there's the various Na'vi figures to collect as well as, of course, the main human characters.

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