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The Incredible Hulk

After the amazing job that Marvel Studios did on Iron Man, I was curious to see how the Incredible Hulk would be. Not least because I knew there would be a crossover featuring Tony Stark. Unfortunately the movie was… disappointing.

It’s gotten some pretty decent reviews, so I suppose I was expecting a little bit… more. I’ve never actually bothered to see the Ang Lee version since it was hard to take Hulk seriously when the CGI was that bad. However, I honestly feel that a large reason why this version reviewed so well was because it was better than the Ang Lee version. Although I find myself asking, how is it any better?

The CGI was still not quite up to par. Some parts, like the final fight sequence looked pretty good, but others only looked half-baked. I’m thinking mostly of the action sequence at the university campus. There were a few frames involving Hulk and the military that honestly looked more like a video game than the quality of CG I’ve come to expect.

Everybody talks about how slow the Ang Lee version is, but I felt pretty much the same way about this one. It was very uneven storytelling with long slow sequences and these huge action pieces in-between, that even by the big show down at the end, Webmonkey Rob fell asleep!!

I’m a huge fan of Edward Norton, and seeing how excited he was to be doing Incredible Hulk, I expected a lot more from both him and the movie. Unfortunately, there’s not really a lot of character moments either. Everybody does well with the script they have, but not one person really shines. Liv Tyler as Betty Ross is left with little to do except worry about Bruce, with a couple of “connecting with the Hulk by way of King Kong” moments thrown in. Even William Hurt and Tim Roth felt like very one-note characters.

Now the good stuff: While the film left me feeling pretty empty, as though it were just space keepers for the real Marvel movies like The Avengers, Iron Man 2 and Captain America, the movie did pay some serious homage to the TV series and comics. From the purple pants, to seeing Bruce Banner running through the hills in his grey sweatshirt, to the Lou Ferrigno cameo, there’s a lot of little in-jokes for the fans. There’s also one of my favourite Stan Lee cameos ever. And did I mention Tony Stark’s got a cameo in this?! The makers obviously care a lot about the Hulk mythos, it’s just a shame that they couldn’t make the audience care more. This was one movie that I was glad to wait to watch on DVD. Speaking of, as far as extras go you’ll see an interesting alternate opening sequence, a lot of deleted scenes which were deleted for a reason, and a digital edition for your PC, Mac or iPod which I thought was pretty innovative.

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