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Lost Last Supper

Episode One and Two: LAX Part One & Two (6)

Aired: 2/2/2010
The episode picks up where Lost's season finale left off. The bomb has been detonated, except the survivors on the island discover that they are still on the island and the plan didnít work. Or did it?

Best Moment:The scenes on the airplane are always my favourite in Lost. The level of detail that goes into showing these flash back (or in this case, flash sideways) scenes are always impressive.

Verdict:Overall this was a rather lacklustre beginning to the season. I suppose I'm disappointed that we didnít have the characters back on their flight right away. Although, I donít know why I'm surprised that they now have the flash sideways in addition to the story on the island, this is Lostís M.O. The episodes just felt very bloated and slowed the story down significantly. There really wasnít any need for a two-parter. There were also some odd inconsistencies. Where was Shannon on the plane, or was this part of the new time line? Why didnít Jack recognize Desmond?

Episode Three: What Kate Does (6.5)

Aired: 9/2/2010
In the sideways flash, Kate is on the run in Los Angeles. Back on the Island, Jack learns that Sayid is alive but there may be something wrong with him.

Best Moment:On a personal level, my favourite moment was recognizing Yasmin Dar as the nurse at the hospital. A great local actress who I know from workshops. The best moment for the episode? Probably the Sawyer scenes. Though this episode of Lost was clearly a "Kate" episode, Sawyer stole the show.

Verdict:Better than the season opener, but still not strong enough considering this is the final season. It was interesting seeing Kate and Claire together, but really? Why on Earth would Claire get back in the taxi with Kate. That seemed to stretch believability just a tad. Itís interesting seeing all these Others starting to make appearances in the flash sideways scenes too. Overall, the flash sideways scenes interest me more than the island scenes, although the stuff with Sawyer, particularly his grief over Juliet were definitely the highlight of the episode.

Episode Four: The Substitute (8.0)

Aired: 16/2/2010
On the Island, Locke is busy recruiting others for his cause. Meanwhile, in the sideways world John Locke returns back to Los Angeles after his trip to Australia.

Best Moment:It was cool seeing Hurley happy with his millions. Also, liked the fact that we actually got some forward momentum in the actual plot. Oh, and how could I forget Locke, in his wheel-chair drinking his tea like Captain Picard. Nice!

Verdict:Just when I was ready to give up on Lost, they give us this episode. Finally, an episode worthy of Lostís final season. Am finally figuring out whatís going on in this sideways flashbacks. It appears that the time line has changed far more than the fact that flight 815 landed. In this time line, Hurley is not cursed, and Locke, while still wheelchair bound has some happiness in the fact that heís getting married. Weíre also starting to get more information about who or what is walking around looking like John Locke on the island- namely, it appears that this is in fact the Smoke Monster. This was the most revealing episode so far. Am really hoping that the Lost writers keep this tone for the rest of the season.

Episode Five: Lighthouse (7.5)

Aired: 23/2/2010
Jacob visits Hurley and convinces him to have Jack accompany him to a mysterious location. Meanwhile, Jin meets up with an old friend.

Best Moment:Seeing Crazy-Rousseau-Like-Claire. Also, the part at the beginning with Hurley and Miles. We need more of these guys!

Verdict:Overall, this was a decent episode. Again, the flash sideways is significantly different to what we know about the characters. In this one, Jack has a son. However, things still arenít playing out in a straight forward manner, especially when you have Jack discovering a scar for an appendectomy that he doesnít remember having, but that looks suspiciously like the one he got while on the island. It was nice to see Hurley taking the lead. He knows Jack so well, how difficult Jack can be, and yet, he still likes him! At the lighthouse we learn even more about whats going on, including the fact that there is still one more person that will be revealed. A final-Cylon if you will. Too bad Jack got all petulant and destroyed the mirror!

Episode Six: Sundown (7.5)

Aired: 2/3/2010
Sayids in both time lines are faced with some tough choices.

Best Moment:Seeing Sayid give in to the dark side and kill Doggen was cool, as was the Smoke Monster making mincemeat of the remaining Others in the temple.

Verdict:Iím not a big fan of Sayid, and up until the part where he finds Jin tied up, the sideways storyline was fairly predictable. Now what wouldíve been cool was if Island-Sayid had accidentally killed Kate and then remembered that oh yeah, sheís not dead, so she canít be who Doggen was talking about. The whole end scene was kinda cool, with the Smoke Monster sweeping through the building and Doggen getting taken out. Seeing Ben scared just tells you what kind of situation theyíre in. I really canít wait for next week, just to see what Claire will do now that she knows that Kate took Aaron.

Episode Seven: Dr. Linus (8.0)

Aired: 9/3/2010
In this Ben centric episode, we get to see what he has been doing in the flash-sideways world while Island-Ben has some fast talking to do when itís revealed that he was the one to kill Jacob.

Best Moment:Hurley telling Jack "if you change your mind, I'll be about a mile away," after essentially telling Jack that he wasnít gonna leave without him. And Ben digging his perfectly rectangular grave. Really? Heís digging with bamboo and his grave is that perfect??

Verdict:An overall decent episode. Itís amazing to think just how much Ben has changed, not just in the sideways world but even on the Island. Heís gone from being the man with a plan to someone very lost, scared, and just looking for a place to belong. Both Benís made some interesting choices today. We finally get to see what losing Alex meant to Ben. Of course, Alex appears in the Sideways world, which is actually starting to grate. What? Did everyone end up in LA? I liked seeing Richard again, though I do wish the dynamite had worked, if only to kill off Jack who is just plain annoying. Though I was only wondering last week what happened to Widmore, I find myself groaning at this characters appearance; yet another characterís storyline that the writers of Lost will have to address. As long as no oneís an angel, I guess itíll be an okay finale.

Lost Jacob and Smoke Monster

Episode Eight: Recon (7.5)

Aired: 16/01/2010
Episode eight is a very Sawyer episode as we learn more about Sawyerís alternative life in the sideways-universe and Locke-Smokey sends Island-Sawyer on a mission.

Best Moment: Two scenes come to mind: the reveal that Sideways-Sawyer is actually a cop and getting to see Claire finally "react" to Kate having taken Aaron.

Verdict:Not a bad episode. As usual, the small-worldness of the sideways Ďverse stretches incredulity that much more by making Sawyerís blind date Charlotte, but otherwise, it was very fun to see Sawyer and Miles as cops. On the island, it was also cool to see the Kate-Claire fight although that was resolved surprisingly quickly. We also got to learn more about Smokey-Locke which was interesting. Itís no surprise that when Sawyer meets up with Widmore that he plans to steal the submarine. What is surprising is that Widmoreís submarine is some kind of TARDIS: Tiny on the outside and huge on the inside!

Episode Nine: Ab Aeterno (9.0)

Aired: 23/03/2010
One of the most mysterious characters on the island, is Richard AKA eyeliner-guy-that-never-ages. In this episode, we finally learn more about how Richard gained his immortality, and as it turns out, heís the most tragic character on the island.

Best Moment: There were so many, itís hard to choose from. The scene at the end with Hurley, Richard and his dead wife was very poignant and gut wrenching.

Verdict:Overall, this episode was easily one of Lostís best episodes to date. Perhaps, itís because I didnít feel as though I were watching Lost. Richardís story sucks so bad all the way through that frankly I couldnít care less about those passengers of 815. Letís have more Richard instead. Sure there were some minor complaints, such as the fact that neither Jacob nor Smokey spoke as though they were from that time period, or the fact that it could be argued that Richardís bad luck prior to ending up on the island could border on the absurd. But, overall, this was a fun episode, where we got to learn a lot about the mysterious Richard, as well as more about Jacob and Smokey.

Episode Ten: The Package (7.0)

Aired: 30/03/2010
In this Jin-Sun centric episode, Jin is kidnapped by Widmore and Sun loses her ability to speak English after an encounter with Locke. Meanwhile in the sideways Ďverse, Jin and Sun contemplate running away together but they just canít seem to get away from Sunís fatherís firm grip.

Best Moment:Sawyerís comment when Locke explains that he canít just turn into smoke and fly across to the other island. Also liked how Mikhail was dispatched in this episode.

Verdict:No matter how good an episode they came up with, it would never top the previous episode, and sure enough, this one does feel more like filler than anything else. Sun suddenly being unable to speak English felt trite, and was certainly a frustration to many viewers when coupled with the "V" countdown plastered on the screen. Itís also about time that we got Sun and Jin together. Seriously, how long is this going to be dragged out? No big shocker that Desmond is the mysterious person Widmore brought along although I am curious to see how he will fit into the grand scheme of things. For that matter, Iím curious how Widmore fits into things. More Widmore please! And more Richard!!

Lost Happily Ever After Desmond

Episode Eleven: Happily Ever After (8.0)

Aired: 06/04/2010
The bulk of the episode follows Desmond in the sideways Ďverse. He too is a passenger on flight 815, having been on business in Australia for Mr. Widmore. Everything is rosy for Desmond, until he meets a certain junkie rock star. Meanwhile in the main timeline we discover that Widmoreís interest in Desmond pertains to Desmondís ability to survive a major catastrophic electromagnetic event.

Best Moment: There were a lot of cool moments in this episode, however my favourite has to be when Desmond meets up with Jack explaining that another passenger from 815 (Charlie) is also running around the hospital. Jackís incredulity is priceless!

Verdict: To be honest, Iím not a huge fan of Desmond, and I felt sure that bringing him on the island was just going to add another set of typical-Lost complications that would be more silly and less satisfying. I couldnít be more wrong. This episode is surprising in a number of ways. For one thing, the bulk of the episode was the sideways story. For another, in this sideways story, we began to have characters who are aware that things are not as it should be. And itís not just this self awareness that makes it unique, but the fact that characters are making attempts to get back what they had before. This was the first episode where I felt like the writers were pushing us into end game. Sure Danielís explanation about quantum physics and launching a nuclear bomb was a bit naff. Less quantum physics and more deus ex machina. But my biggest problem would be Ninja-Sayid popping up to kill Widmoreís people, though, inexplicably, letting the one woman in the group go. This is precisely the part about Lost I least like. Just when I feel like Iím getting an idea of whatís going on, they introduce some conflict to drag things out a bit more. Please, lets get back to this sideways Ďverse and figuring out how the two worlds connect!

Episode Twelve: Everybody Loves Hugo (7.0)

Aired: 13/04/2010
This Hurley-centric episode sees Sideways-Hurley running into Libby who is currently in a mental institute after getting vivid images of her life with Hurley on the Island. Speaking of the Island, while Richard and Ilana plan to blow up the airplane to keep Smokey from leaving, Hurley gets a visit from a dead friend.

Best Moment: Two come to mind, Ilana getting blown up. Very funny, especially since weíd just been complaining that the writers of Lost had forgotten how volatile the dynamite is. Also loved sideways-Desmond running Locke over with his car.

Verdict: Overall, it was a decent episode, though not nearly as interesting as last weeks episode. It was co to see Hurley and Libby realise that they both had a life together elsewhere. It was also interesting seeing Desmond help with this. He seems to have gained even greater clarity since we last saw him in the Sideways Ďverse. Never is this more clearly seen than when he goes after Locke. Things are slightly less interesting on the Island. I find when things go back to the separate camps, characters taking sides etc, well, things tend to go downhill story-wise. It was interesting though to see Jack listen to Hurley, no questions asked. The Sayid scenes are becoming more and more painful though. Just why was it necessary to tie Desmond up? He seemed pretty obliging. And frankly, had he wanted to, he could easily have shrugged his way out of those ropes. Sayid is most certainly not the bad ass that the writers try to make him out to be. As for Hurleyís visitor, Michael, we learn some more things about the island and about what happens to those that have died on the island. Ultimately though, the real thrill of the episode lies in just how much the two worlds, the Island and the Sideways Ďverse appear to be colliding.

Episode Thirteen: The Last Recruit (6.5)

Aired: 20/04/2010
Faced with retaliations from Widmore, Smokey and company decide to go to the hydra island to bring the fight to him. However, Sawyer decides itís time for him and the others to part company from olí Smokey. Meanwhile, multiple characters connect in the sideways Ďverse as Desmond attempts to make contact with Claire, in a decidedly creepy, stalker way.

Best Moment: Honestly, this episode wasnít up to snuff for me, so instead of best moment, this week weíre gonna do best stupid moments. Jack jumps off into the ocean halfway between the two islands, wearing his shoes and a backpack. Thatís just absurd. End of story. Sun and Jin finally getting back together on the island. The moment itself isnít stupid, but the absurdly long time that itís taken (nearly two seasons people!) definitely earns itself a place on the stupid list.

Verdict: Another ho-hum episode. While itís interesting to see the multiple storylines converge in the sideways Ďverse, the stuff on the island just gets less and less interesting. Yet again you have the typical Lost plot line, take sides-plot to kill other side-double cross the people on your side-and move clumps of people from one side of the island to the other. I honestly wish I could say more about this episode, but I canít. It was just pretty weak. Sure, we got to see Jack and Claire face each other as brother and sister (in both Ďverses) and got a definitive answer on whether that was Smokey impersonating Jackís father, but really truly, get back on focus please Lost writers. You only have a few more episodes before the end!

Jin Sun Lost the candidate

Episode Fourteen: The Candidate (7.0)

Aired: 04/05/2010
Sawyer, Kate and company have been captured by Widmore. Not to worry though because, for better or worse, Smokey is coming to their rescue. Meanwhile in the sideways 'verse, we learn why Locke is in a wheelchair.

Best Moment:Best silly moment goes to the whole submarine sinking scene. Best moment for me personally was finally having Sayid die in a way that they can't bring him back. His story arc was never as interesting as it could've been. And of course, best jaw-dropping moment was in those final minutes when you realise just how expendable just about everybody on the island is.

Verdict: This is a hard episode to judge. It's clear that the writers are in end-game mode and are clearing house. Who'd have thought that both Jin and Sun were gonna die, especially after just being reunited. On the other hand the episode suffers from a bad case of the absurds. For instance, they weren't that far from shore to be in such deep water that they were five minutes from the surface. Nevermind that simply telling the captain that there was a bomb on the sub would've gotten him to take emergency measures to get to the surface more quickly. Or the fact that being five (submarine) minutes from the surface (do the writers actually realise how deep that would make them?!) they would be able to swim to the surface, with no decompression stops along the way! And to top if off we have Jin and Sun speaking in Korean only to switch to English to say their ďI love you'sĒ which is clearly for the audience's benefit. One thing I will say about this episode is that there is now no question in my mind about Smokey's true nature. I think he made his intentions pretty clear when he blew up the submarine.

Episode Fifteen: Across the Sea (2.0)

Aired: 11/05/2010
This episode of Lost takes us back to the very beginning, when Jacob first took up the mantle as protector of the island, and Smokey first appears.

Best Moment: The end.

Verdict: Sorry to seem so negative but this episode was absolute drivel. Who was not immensely irritated at the refusal to give the MiB a name?!! It just felt so obvious that they were skirting it. Then of course there's the fact that he wears black for years and years and years. Really? How obvious can you get? So apparently the big secret of the island is a magical light, though it offers no more explanation than that. For some reason MiB thinks he can leave the island through it. Instead, he ends up becoming Smokey. So Jacob created Smokey, that's about the only semi-interesting thing about the episode. Not really sure what to make of Jacob, because lets face it, his mother was fairly evil, what with killing an entire colony of people and murdering the brothers' real mother. This episode just feels extremely unnecessary and is easily the worst of the series.

Episode Sixteen: What They Died For (7.0)

Aired: 18/05/2010
Continuing on from The Candidate, we get to see what Miles, Richard and Ben have been up to while Kate, Jack and Co. were escaping a sinking submarine. Meanwhile, Jacob makes one final appearance.

Best Moment:The whole escape from county lock-up scene in the sideways 'verse was pretty hysterical, particularly when Ana Lucia shows up.

Verdict: A massive improvement over the previous episode. We also got a few more answers, which was nice. Jacob explains why Kate was taken off the list as a candidate. Naturally, Jack takes it upon himself to become a candidate, no big surprise there. Another thing that won't be a big surprise to anyone, is the fact that Ben is really playing Smokey. Of course he hasn't switched sides! The only thing that was a mild surprise was him gunning down Widmore, which was a shame, because frankly we never really learned anything about Widmore, and now it looks like we won't. It was nice to see Ben have a measure of happiness in the sideways verse with Rousseau and Alex. Of course, they're still dragging out the mystery of who Jack's wife is.

Lost finale

Episode Seventeen: The End (6.5)

Aired: 23/05/2010
The end is here folks! All your questions answered, all loose ends neatly tied up...

Best Moment: There were a few nice in-jokes along the way, discussions about ďthe rules of the islandĒ and I absolutely loved Miles' line about believing in duct tape. And who didn't get a little teary when Sawyer and Juliet finally recognized each other?

Verdict: Remember how David Fury left Lost saying that they were making it up as they went along? A lot of Lost fans dismissed him as an angry ex-employee. Well, turns out he was right. At best I can only describe Lost's final outing as being lazy and slightly self-indulgent. There are of course two stories going on here. First there's the island story. Well, who didn't guess that Frank and Richard would live and that Hurley would take over as protector? Hardly a surprise there! The big LOTR-esque battle between good and evil (at least, it looked that way from the build up) is resolved in an underwhelming mano-a-mano fight between Jack and Smokey (although it did give me one more chance to see Spitting Caves, one of my favourite Oahu hangouts). As for all your questions about the island, Widmore, the Others... well, forget about getting those answered. I understand that Lost is about mysteries, but they didn't even try to answer any questions! You can't move characters around as thought they're on a chess board, and then throw up your hands and say, ďwell really it was all about the characters.Ē Where are their motivations? Isn't character motivation taught in creative writing 101? The writers spent the last six years adding more and more elements to keep the viewers hooked, and had the cheek to actually say, ďthey're unimportant.Ē It just makes me glad that I'm not a Lost fan, because I would honestly feel cheated by this type of ending.

Of course, the more controversial ending has been that of the sideways verse, which, as it turns out, is really a kind of purgatory that the characters collectively came up with so that they could all go to heaven together. I actually don't have a problem with this concept on the face of it... had we actually gotten some kind of clue. But I truly believe the writers didn't know what the sideways verse was, or they blatantly misled viewers, because there are multiple references to the bomb creating this universe. Ashes to Ashes spoiler alert, close your eyes if you don't want to know the ending to AshesI think it's interesting that both Ashes to Ashes and Lost had very similar endings. However, one was very well executed, and makes absolute sense in the context of the show, and the other seems to be another case of just making it up as they go along. Okay, you can open your eyes now. I honestly only watched this season because I knew about this sideways 'verse. Sure the science behind the bomb made no sense whatsoever, but it would've been interesting. This ending, while spiritual, makes no sense in the show. Why did Juliet tell Miles that it worked? What's the deal with Eloise? I can't help shaking my head at this and numerous other plot holes throughout this season (much less the previous five).

That said, I did enjoy the reunions, though it went on a little too long. Shannon's appearance was interesting, but I find it hard to believe that she is Sayid's true love. Shannon? Really? There were some nice character moments overall and I did like the closing moments with Jack coming full circle- plus, Jack is dead, yay!!! I will miss certain characters like Hurley, Sawyer and Miles. And of course the true find of Lost has always been the brilliant Terry O'Quinn. But sadly Lost will remain a grossly over-hyped show that never delivered on its promises.

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