Majel Barrett-Roddenberry: The First Lady of Star Trek

Majel and Gene Roddenberry

Due to the recent passing of Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, we at IGP thought it a good idea to remember some of the many ways that Majel Barrett Roddenberry has contributed to the Star Trek universe, which helped earn her the nickname: The First Lady of Star Trek.

Number One
First cast as Number One in the original unaired pilot The Cage NBC executives hated the character and insisted that a woman in that kind of position wouldn’t be taken seriously. As Barrett-Roddenberry has later jokingly related, Gene Roddberry decided to “keep the Vulcan and marry the woman, ‘cause he didn’t think that Leonard Nimoy would have it the other way around.”

Nurse Chapel
After her character as Number One was scrapped, she was given a smaller role in The Original Series as Nurse Christine Chapel, who was ironically most known for her unrequited crush on Spock. She continued to portray “Doctor” Chapel in several of the Trek movies as well.

Co-Founder Lincoln Enterprises
Majel and Gene founded the catalog company Lincoln Enterprises in 1968 where they began to sell licensed Star Trek products to fans. Thus begining her longtime relationship with the Trekkers.

Lwaxana Troi
Younger Star Trek viewers will most remember Barrett-Roddenberry as the eccentric mother of counselor Troi, Lwaxana. A highly comedic, interfering and opinionated character, she was most known in TNG for her overt flirtations with Captain Picard. The actress also chewed scenery playing the same character in several episodes of DS9.

Voice of the Computer
Of course, none of the characters that she portrayed have been quite as prevalent as the sometimes rather obnoxious voice of the computer, which she portrayed in all Trek incarnations. Most fittingly, her recording as the ship’s computer in the upcoming Star Trek movie is to be Majel Barrett-Roddenberry’s last completed work.

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