2009 Sideshow San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

Sideshow 2009 exclusive Luke Han Star Wars

San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner which means one thing for toy collectors everywhere, Sideshow exclusives, and there are plenty of items to get excited about. Pre-ordering has already begun, with just 10% of items allocated to non comic-con attendees. To add to that, these toys are limited to just one per household and for those picking up at Comic Con be warned, you’ll have until Sunday July 26th at 6pm to pick up your item otherwise the order will be cancelled and will be offered to walkups.

So just what does Sideshow have on offer this year? You’ll find exclusives from Star Wars, LOTR, The Dead, Iron Man, GI Joe, and Disney.

Which ones are we salivating over?

Star Wars

Remember the scene when Han and Luke steal the stormtrooper uniforms? Well Sideshow has an excellent two-piece collectible featuring both Han and Luke in disguise. From what we can tell, the detail is the usual Sideshow excellence. They even went so far as to make Luke shorter than Han, thus confirming that he really is “a little short to be a stormtrooper.” Luke also comes with the comlink that he talks to Threepio with! Both 12 inch action figures come with 30 articulation points and some excellent detail in the stormtrooper uniform, and both are carrying their stormtrooper helmets and blasters. From the pictures we’ve seen, the head sculpts look great, particularly Harrison Ford’s. I gotta say, this is one action figure duo I’d like to have at home.

Iron Man

This new Hot Toys Iron Man figure is a gun metal grey version of the Mark III suit. They’re leaving us guessing with hardly any information at all on this one, including pictures. However, on a personal level, I feel this is really one for completists only. Let’s face it, the Mark III looks a million times better, painted, and if you wanted a “metal” one, you’d probably want to go for the Mark I.

G.I. Joe

Another figure with very little info, but the one picture they do have of the new Crimson Cobra Commander looks very cool! It’s similar to the Blue Cobra Commander they released earlier, but much more ceremonial. I really love the look of this Crimson Commander which comes with a gorgeous cape made from fabric and wire so you can pose it and of course it comes with all the excellent detail that you have come to expect.

Other exciting figures worth checking out? Subject 16566 The Butcher from The Dead has an amazing amount of detail and comes with a meat cleaver, food safety poster and a butchered pig head. For LOTR fans, there’s a really nice diorama of Sam carrying Frodo up Mount Doom, perfect for any LOTR collector. And, I must admit, I’m really liking the Runaway Brain Mickey Mouse.

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