Team Portal Watches: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Season Two Premiere “Samson & Delilah” and Fringe Series Premiere “Pilot”

Well kids, it’s fall again, which means a lot of new shows to watch and some returning favourites, too. Nicki and Rob decided that this called for a special, fall season edition of Team portal Watches. First up is the second season premiere of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. We at IGP were big fans of the pilot episode of the show and had high hopes for it. During the run of the first season, things seemed to waiver, but after such an explosive end of the last episode, we *had* to see what was coming up next.

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

The series begins with a quick recap of previous events, including a massacre of FBI agents.

Nicki: Oh, I forgot all about that!

Slow montage accompanied by music begins the episode as Sarah and John struggle against their captors while Cameron and the jeep’s burning remains sizzle outside.

Nicki: Come on! Sarah’s taken out several terminators, she can handle these guys!

As the montage continues, we see that Cromartie has left a bewildered looking agent Ellison alive.

Nicki: The thing is, he’s a terminator. There’s absolutely no reason why he would massacre all those agents, and not kill him. It doesn’t make any sense.

Rob: Maybe he knows that he’s one of the regulars.

Cameron pulls herself out of the burning jeep wreckage, remarkably looking only slightly banged up.

Rob: Come on! A blast that big, there would at least be a flash fire to her face!

As the montage continues, Nicki finally finds herself paying attention to the music playing.

Nicki: That’s Shirley Manson isn’t it?!

Rob: Probably.

Nicki: I’m as much of a fan of her music as anyone, but honestly that’s just a bit obvious isn’t it? Shirley Manson’s in our show, thus we play her music!

Bored, Rob decides to watch the slow motion montage in fast-forward…

Rob: Hey, now it moves at normal speed. They did it this way so they would only have to work half as hard on the first five minutes.

Then, shock, the unthinkable happens. After saving Sarah and John, Cameron decides it’s her mission to terminate John Connor.

Nicki: Well, didn’t see that coming.

As the credits begin, we notice that Brian Austin Green is now in the credits.

Rob: Well, I guess 90210 is a series regular now.

The show is back on and Cameron walks into a store and staples her skin back on her face and uses some baby wipes to clean up.

Rob: How does a washcloth and staples help her?

Nicki: Well, you know… it hides her robotness…

Shirley Manson has made her first appearance, babbling on, something about the little people down below. The man she is talking to appears confused.

Rob: Guess he’s as tired of her talking as we are.

After fleeing Cameron yet again, Sarah and John find themselves in another car accident, this time caused after Cameron punches(?) the car, causing herself to fall down. Of course, it takes her a while to get up, just long enough for John to pull himself out of the wreckage of the flipped car.

Rob: Not a scratch on him. This is just silly. And did she just punch the car.

Nicki: And of course she’s only now getting up. She survived a car bomb, but that causes her to be out of commission long enough for John to run away?!

With John cornered in a warehouse, Sarah comes to John’s rescue, driving a truck directly into Cameron, wedging her between Sarah’s vehicle and the one that John is in.

Rob: Great, so she knew just then to drive in there, how’d she know she wasn’t gonna end up hitting John.

Cameron begs John to let her stay, saying she’s fixed, and that she loves him.

Nicki: Oh no, let’s not go there!

Rob: Even if that were true, it apparently doesn’t take much for her to go evil. Just a thump here or there.

Later, John pulls a gun on Derek and Sarah as he attempts to put Cameron’s chip back in.

Rob: Well, it’s about time. They took long enough!

The episode ends with Shirley Manson appearing as a men’s urinal- turns out she’s similar to a T-1000.

Rob: Well, that’s stupid. How’d she even know he was going to walk up to that one?

Nicki: I know! But I guess it sorta makes sense. If the resistance can send people back to stop skynet, why couldn’t skynet send terminators back to make sure it gets built? Anyway, verdict?

Rob: I don’t think I need to keep watching this one.

Nicki: Yeah. I know what you mean…

Next up, Fringe “Pilot” which starts off with a plane flying through a storm.


Rob: Is this flight 815? Isn’t this exactly how Lost started?

Nicki: And hear I thought critics were being unfair comparing this show to Lost just because it starts off with a plane crash.

As the credits roll, Nicki feels that there’s something strangely familiar about these credits, spooky, almost like an X-File.

Nicki: Didn’t the X-Files have a hand print in their credits as well?

Rob: I don’t remember.

Nicki: They did. I’m sure we can find it on youtube.

As the credits continue to roll, Nicki also notices paranormal-related words popping up.

Nicki: And they had the words, too!

As the first location sign pops up for the airport, Nicki wonders why they’re not about to run into the airport sign- oh wait, it’s not an airport sign.

As Olivia argues with her boss about needing some crazy scientist’s help, her boss says that she needs an immediate relative of the crazy doctor, because the only other way to see said crazy doctor would be to barge in waiving the Patriot Act.

Nicki: Erm, why not? It’s bio-terrorism, and they’ve used the Patriot Act for a lot less!

As the camera pulls in on a silly Baghdad sign, Nicki thinks it’s getting a little ridiculous.

Nicki: This whole sign thing looks so dumb. I can’t believe that got past a test audience!

Rob: Wha? When did we start watching Dawson’s Creek?

Yep, readers. This show can’t even hold webmonkey Rob’s attention for even a few minutes.

Olivia explains to Peter that his father has been working for the government in fringe science, she starts to reel off all the things he experimented with…

Rob: Not just one area like reanimation, no he has to have done experiments in all of those areas!

Peter finds out that his father shared his lab with the owner of Massive Dynamic.

Nicki: Here we go, another Dharma thing. Gotta have the conspiracies.

As another location sign pops up, this time for Harvard, Nicki is not happy.

Nicki: The signs are both gimmicky and insulting to the audience’s intelligence. In each instance, there isn’t even a need for a sign. She just mentioned the lab at Harvard, we don’t need a stupid gimmicky sign for it.

Rob: The worst one was still the Baghdad sign.

Olivia makes an important decision and does a “dramatic turn”

Rob: What was that?! (Rob is forced to replay it, which Nicki admits looks pretty silly).

On screen, Olivia strips down in order to communicate with her partner who is in a coma.

Nicki: In a way, she’s the Scully that the Fox network always wanted. She’s skinny, blonde, and willing to show a bit of skin. The anti-Gillian Anderson.

After IDing the perpetrator, Olivia leads the way in an FBI raid on a house.

Rob: Of course she leads the way, opening cellar doors.

Nicki: And after what happened to that other agent, no hazmat?

Peter notices that Steig, the “perp” is running away from the house.

Rob: Of course, no one else notices but him! And of course she’s the one that ends up catching up to him…

After Olivia makes one very ridiculous leap from a building…

Nicki: I’m sorry, but that’s not realistic at all.

As Olivia follows Steig’s instructions, and goes to find a buried tape.

Nicki: Again, no hazmat!

Olivia realizes that her fellow agent and boyfriend is the one who threatened Steig.

Nicki: How very Alias!

Olivia discovers that Broyles may not be one of the good guys.

Rob: Of course, you’ve gotta have your cigarette smoking man!

Olivia and Peter talk, and she tries to convince him to stay on.

Nicki: Let me guess, he agrees, yada, yada, yada…

Nicki: Let me guess, he agrees, yada, yada, yada…

Nicki: Whoops.

And what did this intrepid pair think of Fringe?

Rob: Liked it the first time we saw it when it was X-Files.

Nicki: It’s definitely no X-Files.

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