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Terminator Salvation

A few thoughts before going ahead with this Terminator Salvation reviewÖ I hated T3... With a fiery vengeance. I hate the fact that the writers disregarded timeline stuff from the first two movies, and generally thought the writing was plain lazy. But the ending took me by surprise. Nothing about Terminator Salvation will take you by surprise.

The future that Terminator Salvation shows us is disappointing. It looks not nearly as horrific as the first movie was able to make it look (at a fraction of the budget of this movie). And John Connor? Not only is he not the leader of the resistance but heís not even the lead in this movie. Heís very much a side character. We see him doing stuff but the story isnít even about him. Bryce Dallas Howard is plainly wasted in this movie. Unless you recently watched the third movie, you may not even have a clue who sheís supposed to be.

Instead Terminator Salvation focuses on a teenage Kyle Reese- a fact that is forced on the audience by the movie airing the tape that Sarah records at the very end of the movie- except that it isnít the same recording. Instead itís re-recorded with a line thatís not in the original, emphasizing that Kyle is a teenager. I might also add that these re-recorded tapes have not even one tenth of the emotion that James Cameron was able to create. So how do they explain the altered tapes? Well, actually, they donít, which again stinks of lazy writing. The movie follows Reese as he is suddenly pursued by Terminators. Why? Because heís the number one most wanted. But how could that be? Thereís absolutely no record of Kyle Reese being related to John Connor. More lazy writing.

The other major character focus is named Marcus played by Sam Worthington, a man who finds out heís really a machine. I know, I didnít put a spoiler warning in, but, you see, you donít need one. That fact is mentioned in the very first scene of the movie. Marcusí story pretty much is along the lines of a man who thinks heís still a man, only to find out heís a machine and is saved (with very little explanation) by a woman who has most likely spent her life fighting the machines. I wonít reveal any other ĒspoilersĒ except to see that if you are even half awake during the movie, youíll have guessed most of the plot before it even happens.

So what can I say that was good? Very little actually. It wasnít a terrible movie exactly, it just didnít really engage me. Sure there were some interesting Terminators, but too many plot holes. Why would John waste his ammo shooting a Terminator when he knows that his little hand gun wonít do any good? And why does a Terminator-bike have a set up so that a human can ride it?

Overall this movie leaves me with a feeling of ďwhatís the point?Ē? Like a lot of useless reboots and sequels lately (Iím talking to you, Star Trek!) I didnít feel like there was any point to this movie. I didnít need to see a young Kyle Reese, and frankly, Michael Biehnís Kyle Reese gave us enough tantalizing descriptions that I didnít need to see the Future War either. Whilst James Cameronís first two movies gave us exciting movies with groundbreaking special effects it also gave us thoughts about the future, about nuclear war, and about love. This movie had none of those things going for it. This one was just milking the cash cow.

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