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We at IGP certainly love our toys and collectibles. We can’t afford to get every cool item that comes on the market, no matter how much we argue that the 1:1 scale Sideshow T-800 Endoskeleton would make a great theft deterrent. Still, we do like to play, and any time we get a toy we really love (or really don’t love!) we’ll tell you all about it, right here at our new Toys & Collectibles page.

Battlestar Galactica Board Game

The IGP teams discovers that playing Battlestar Galactica is way more fun than watching it. Just be careful, you could end up being a Cylon!

2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to get your scifi fan loved one? From Twilight Barbie dolls to ultra cool Avatar toys, IGP has a list of the best genre toys this Christmas!

2009 Sideshow Collectibles Exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con

Have we really not done a Toys & Collectibles update since Christmas? Apparently so! But never fear, Sideshow Toys and San Diego Comic-Con is here to rescue you and your wallet.

The 2008 Holiday Gift Guide for Science Fiction Fans

Seasons greetings. This is the season to be jolly, and other things ending in ‘olly. It’s that time of year again, and so we decided to put out our ultimate holiday gift guide for all those good little fangirls and fanboys out there. Er, ho, ho, ho!

Labyrinth Hanging Goblin by Plan B Toys

Honestly, what self-professed geek doesn’t love the goblins of the Labyrinth? It’s taken 20 years for Labyrinth fans appetite’s to be sated, and they will not be disappointed.

More Toys of the Labyrinth

We had so much fun reviewing the Labyrinth Hanging Goblin we decided to see what other toys of the Labyrinth is on the market.

Doctor Who 12″ Remote Control Dalek

There’s been a flurry of remote controlled Dalek’s on the market since the latest Dr Who series came out. You’ve got your Dalek Thay’s, Invasion Earth Daleks, Cult of Skaro. Never mind the voice activated ones. We were quite spoiled for choice!