True Blood Season Two Round-Up

true blood season 2

Despite True Blood's faults in season one, which were many, I found myself drawn to season two, curious about the mysterious Maryann, to find out what happened to Lafayette, and generally to see more of Jessica and Eric, my favourite vampires.

The High’s:

Jason’s stint at the Fellowship of the Sun gleefully pulled pretty much every cliché they could, from the sexy singer that gyrates around to lyrics about saving herself for Jesus to the reverend’s wife who believes that God is telling her to sleep with Jason. And let’s not forget the crazy little army they were putting together! True, the story fizzled out as though the writers didn’t know where they wanted to go with it, but it was enjoyable while it lasted and contributed to my other favourite part: Jason + a couple of days of quasi-military training. As usual, Eric continued to entertain, as did Jessica and her relationship with Bill. I also liked her relationship with Hoyt and am almost wistful that she got her taste of human blood, because it doesn’t look like she’ll be able to stop now, which pretty much dooms their relationship, but does give us something to look forward to next season.

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The Lows:

Maryann definitely outstayed her welcome. As usual, the truth turned out to be far less interesting. Although, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have the hysterical image of Sam yelling out to Jason/Andy/God to smite him, so there is that. The whole Texas side of the story felt a little forced. Nothing really happened with the Texas vampires; no big showdown, no nothing. It felt more like filler- a way to keep these characters away from Bon Temps while things almost literally go to hell. Additionally, Eric getting Sookie to drink his blood, while funny in itself, quickly went down hill, oh, about the time that Sookie started fantasizing about Eric. As for the Queen, I’m hoping, though it’s unlikely, that we won’t be seeing her anymore. She just wasn’t that interesting. I think that’s the trouble with this show. Most of the vampires aren’t that interesting with the exception of Jessica, Eric and Pam. And I’m still as yet unclear on the whole vampire political system.


Too many characters were off doing things elsewhere to service the Maryann story and there were not enough of the colorful Bon Temps residents (it doesn’t count when they’re acting stupid under Maryann’s influence). The first season got more interesting as it went along; this season got less interesting. Hopefully the third season of True Blood can strike a better balance.

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