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V, the story so far...

v logo

The Plot

While both V series features an alien race contacting Earth, offering medical and scientific breakthroughs but with sinister ulterior motives, the shows seem to diverge in the way that they tell the story. For those that may remember, the original series served as an allegorical tale of fascism except instead of Nazi Germany, the series focused on the visitors, an alien race who arrived claiming to “come in peace.” Judging from the trailers, instead of a tale of fascism the writers have moved it into a more post-9/11 world with terrorist cells and the idea that “they are among us.”

Lizard Origins

Luckily the visitor's creepy, alien origins seem to have been retained as seen from this pic.

Diana Lizard V New V



The Visitors:


Anna is the Diana of the series, except instead of being a science officer and second in command of the fleet, Anna is the visitor liaison to the people of Earth. Unlike Diana, she doesn't wear a uniform, her job is more public relations oriented. In fact, rather than John being the first visitor that humanity sees, as in the original, it's Anna, whose face is projected onto the bottom of the visitor space ships.

Diana V V Morena Baccarin



Lisa is a guide aboard the visitor's mothership in NYC. She's basically the titillation for impressionable teenage boys. This of course is not unlike Brian in the original miniseries, who sleeps with Robin Maxwell. Does this mean that a lizard baby is on the way? I guess we shall see!

Brian V Lisa V



Ryan Nichols

Described as a conflicted character, I strongly suspect this character will be a sort of cross between Willie and Martin.

Willy Englund V V Ryan Nichols philip martin V

The Humans:


Erica Evans

In a way Erica Evans is like a cross between Mike Donovan and Juliet Parish. She's older than Julie, a mother to a teenage son, and she is a federal agent. She's one of the first people to start questioning the true intentions of the visitors.

V Mike Julie V Erika Evans


Chad Decker

Chad is the handsome news anchor who finds himself drawn to the visitor leader, Anna. Consider him the equivalent of Kristine Walsh, who finds herself drawn to Diana and in return for money and power becomes the visitor spokesperson, and what the resistance consider a collaborator.

V Kristine Walsh V Chad Decker


Tyler Evans

Don't get your hopes up. This is no Ham Tyler. This Tyler is Erica's son. He's drawn to the visitor's Young Ambassador program, not dissimilar to the Visitor Youth camp which draws Daniel Bernstein in, in the original series.

V Daniel Bernstein V Tyler Evans


Father Jack

It would be easy to say that Father Jack is just a younger, hotter version of Father Doyle from the Final Battle, who attempted to teach Diana about Christianity and is killed for it. But I have a feeling there'll be a little bit more to it than that.

V Father Andrew V Father Jack



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