Dr Who: End of Time Part Two Review (B-)

dr who end of time

Having just watched this Dr Who episode, I'm finding it hard to settle my thoughts, but overall, the word "disappointed" comes to mind. The previous episode, while flawed in some ways, had so much build up. We had Naismith who causes the Master to take control of the whole planet and of course the return of the Time Lords.

However, in this hour and a quarter long episode much of these elements were dealt with a little too swiftly. Naismith barely appears in it at all, and we later learn that he was arrested. The Master swiftly takes out the President of Gallifrey using his new powers as seen in the previous Dr Who episode, which ultimately leaves a very long goodbye scene for the Doctor and the viewers.

Not to say that the goodbye scene(s) wasn’t very well done, because it was. We got to see the Doctor say goodbye to Donna (it was nice to see her story end with her actually getting married this time) and Wilf; we got to see Martha and Mickey; we got to see Sarah-Jane; we got to see Captain Jack in a very cool Cantina-type scene- although it would’ve been nice for him to say something to Jack rather than just give him someone to hook up with; we even got to see Jessica Hynes make a return as the grand daughter of Joan Redfern the human Doctor’s love interest; and of course, the Doctor got to say one last goodbye to a younger Rose Tyler.

dr who end of time part two

The story left a few things hanging. Just who was the woman in the white suit? Was she Donna, who had become a timelord herself, as suggested by the Doctor’s nod in her direction? And whatever became of the River Song storyline? I had thought that she knew him in his tenth Doctor persona, but perhaps I need to revisit that episode.

The performances throughout the episode were outstanding. In particular, both Tennant and Cribbins are wonderful together. As are John Simms (who clearly relishes the role) and Timothy Dalton. For the most part, the effects are decent though they still used the Skeletor effect much too frequently, and the scenes flying over England in December looked much too similar to a flight simulator from 1999.

But this episode is Tennant and RTD’s big goodbye, and as much as I'd like to have seen more story in this big finale it does clear the way for Steven Moffat and Matt Smith's Dr Who. Speaking of, I must admit, the few minutes that we got to see of Matt Smith were actually kinda cool. Whether or not he will become as much loved as Tennant’s Doctor (and bare in mind, this writer was against Tennant when Eccleston was leaving), only time will tell.

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